Dr. Mala Balakumar

Meet Mala M. Balakumar, MD, FACS, FASCRS


Mala M. Balakumar, MD, FACS, FASCRS is a colorectal surgeon at CRSSNY. She discusses her life and background, both inside and outside of her work. She does frequent community outreach volunteer work in the Long Island area.

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Hi. My name is Mala Balakumar. I'm a colon and rectal surgeon. Its wonderful working with a group of doctors who have likeminded interests in colon and rectal surgery, discussing cases, being able to have a group practice is beneficial. I spend a lot of time outside doing community events. Part of it is through my temple. Part of it is through other activities that I participate in. I've worked in soup kitchens, I've done TV shows that have to do with colon and rectal surgery. I do community events, such as lunch and learn series for the hospital. One of the good things of being in this practice is not only am I able to take care of patients here, I think I'm able to have the time to give back to patients in the community and people in the community who really need that help. I also have participated in free health clinics around the areas, so that is something that I like to do on my spare time. What made me want to go into medicine was actually my father, who's a general surgeon. He was a true general surgeon at that time. Did everything from c-sections to orthopedics to general surgery. And he had a very big passion for taking care of the patient. And that is something he's passed onto me, which I think it's important to carry onto our patients, is that patient care is the most important and that we here at CRSSNY really put the patient first.

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