Anal Pain

Causes of Anal Pain: Hemorrhoids and Other Conditions


The specialists at CRSSNY can treat the various causes of anal pain. Anal pain can be a sign of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, a cut or tear in the anal lining, or a possible infection. If you are experiencing pain, it is imperative for you to see a specialist.

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Anal pain is a very common condition that we see many, many patients for. Anal pain, what most people associate with is hemorrhoids but in fact that is just one of the reasons that may cause anal pain but additionally there are other causes such as an anal fissure which is like a cut or a tear in the anal lining. Those can be quite severe in terms of the pain that one experiences and it's commonly associated with bowel movements when they see bleeding. Another cause for anal pain can be an infection that develops into an abscess. So if you are experiencing anal pain, what's important is that you are seen by a specialist such as here at CRSSNY so that you can have the correct diagnosis for anal pain that will likely lead to a more immediate relief for pain and a better outcome.

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