Rectal Bleeding

Causes of Rectal Bleeding


Rectal bleeding is most commonly caused by hemorrhoids, but can also be the result of other conditions. If you are experiencing bleeding, it is very important to see a specialist to determine the cause. Sometimes all that is required is a simple dietary change, but occasionally surgery may be necessary.

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Rectal bleeding is a very common symptom and it can be caused by many different things from what most people know are hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids are certainly one of the more frequent reasons for rectal bleeding. But it's very difficult for one to actually know what is causing the bleeding. The most important thing is for one to be evaluated and examined and that way one can determine what the cause of the bleeding is and with that one can determine whether it's just a hemorrhoid, whether it just requires dietary changes or ointments to requiring further evaluation, say by colonoscopy. In fact, it's just such a common complaint from very young to very old. What's necessary is that it's not a normal thing to have bleeding and so it's not something one should just ignore or tolerate for that matter. It's something that something should be evaluated by a colorectal surgeon, to determine whether its something as simple as just hemorrhoids or it could be something much more serious. But again, the most important thing is to be evaluated and examined.

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