Understanding the Colonoscopy Procedure


A colonoscopy procedure safeguards patients from developing colon cancer. Colonoscopies are recommended for every patient over the age of 50. If any polyps are detected, the specialists at CRSSNY are often able to remove them without additional surgeries.

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Here at CRSSNY, we specialize in colonoscopy. What a colonoscopy is, is where a tube is inserted into the colon to look for abnormalities. The procedure is quick. It's easy to perform and it is very safe. The main reason to perform colonoscopy is to eliminate your possibility of getting colon cancer. One hundred and fifty thousand patients every year in this country get colorectal cancer. Almost all of them could be prevented if the patient had had a colonoscopy at some point prior. The American Cancer Society recommends colonoscopies be performed on every American citizen when they hit the age of 50 regardless of family history, symptoms, or any other situation. After a screening colonoscopy, if nothing significant was found, your next procedure should be about ten years later. If, however, polyps are identified, then depending on the size of the polyp, where the polyp is located, and what type of polyp it is, you may need colonoscopies on a more frequent basis. One unique feature of our practice here at CRSSNY is that we specialize in removing large polyps and growths in the colon using a colonoscopy. Even 10 or 15 years ago, many of these lesions had to be removed by an operation in the operating room, requiring what is called a colon resection. The technology has advanced to such a degree that we are able now to remove large growths and even some cancers through the colonoscope without any incisions, without any hospital stay, and this advance in technology has been tremendous.

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