Colorectal Cancer Rates

Understanding Colorectal Cancer Rates


There are consistently high colorectal cancer rates in the U.S., and the condition is responsible for over 50,000 deaths per year. Colorectal cancer is also completely preventable by undergoing regular colonoscopies. Our practice specializes in colorectal cancer from diagnosis through your recovery.

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Colorectal cancer is a tremendous problem in the U.S. There are 150,000 cases of colorectal cancer every year and 50,000 deaths. Colorectal cancer unfortunately kills more people every year than any other cancer other than lung cancer which is number one. It's a serious problem and it's completely preventable. So the first and foremost, get a colonoscopy. That will reduce the odds that you'll ever have to deal with this dreaded disease significantly. If, however, you do get diagnosed, where you go first matters. It is crucial to see a colorectal surgeon. We specialize in colorectal cancer from the day of your diagnosis to many years after you are cured. Patients often will state that because they don't have a family history and because they don't have any symptoms, and because they go to the bathroom everyday, that they must be protected in some way, shape or form, and that is simply not true. By the time you get symptoms from colorectal cancer, it is usually quite advanced so it's very important to get screened before any symptoms arise. However, symptoms of colorectal cancer are rectal bleeding, change in the color or caliber, the size of your bowel movements, abdominal discomfort, weight loss. If these types of symptoms are occurring, you certainly should see a colorectal specialist.

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