What is a Colon and Rectal Surgeon?

What is a Colon and Rectal Surgeon?


A specialist at CRSSNY explains what characterizes a colon and rectal surgeon. She discusses some of the conditions that they commonly treat. She talks about the other interventions that they will try before resorting to surgery for treatment.

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Colon and rectal surgery is a subspecialty of general surgery. We actually go through a full fellowship and training after a full training in general surgery. And we specialize in the disorders of the colon, rectum, and anus. These types of disorders actually can be quite varied, from benign to malignant disorders; very simple disorders such as hemorrhoids, abscesses, fistulas, pilonidal disease, and perianal irritation to complex and more concerning things such as malignancies and cancers all the way from the colon all the way to the anus. It's interesting because our specialty covers a broad range of issues from colon all the way to the anus. It all depends upon what the procedure is and what the disease is that we treat. Diseases and procedures for hemorrhoids are different than diseases and procedures that we deal with for colon cancers or diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation. Many times management for colon and rectal surgery issues are conservative or medical management or dietary changes; things that are simple. Sometimes it requires surgery. When it does require surgery, you will be asked to evaluate what your symptoms are, what your concerns are, and whether surgical options are the correct treatment for you.

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