Hemorrhoids Symptoms


Hemorrhoids symptoms can become bothersome. Hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, pain, and they can protrude. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to see a specialist.

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I like to start my discussion, when I talk to patients about hemorrhoids, my first thing what they're not. And they're not dilated veins. That's what everybody thinks and that's sort of a general conception out there. But they really are small cushions in the anus. They're tiny arteries, tiny veins, some connective tissue and some muscle. And at the end of the day, everybody has them. They're a normal part of your body. It's like your gall bladder and your appendix. You don't know they're there but occasionally, they'll bother you. So hemorrhoids are not an abnormality in and of themselves. Hemorrhoids can cause bleeding. They can cause pain. They can protrude. So when you do have these symptoms, please go see a specialist. When treating hemorrhoids, it is very important that you get a proper diagnosis made to be sure that it is hemorrhoids in fact that we're talking about. Patients should be evaluated to be sure that the condition is treated appropriately and by doing so, you're going to feel better, faster. Hemorrhoids can be treated many different ways and most of the time, hemorrhoids can be treated without the need for surgery. And I want to emphasize this point, that hemorrhoids do not require surgery. They don't have to be removed. They can be treated often with dietary modification or simply some topical medications. If the symptoms persist, there are some office-based treatments that can be done. There are procedures that one may have heard of such as rubber band treatments. There are treatments where we can cauterize the hemorrhoids or inject them with medication. All of these treatments are done in the office. They are painless, quick, easy, do not require any anesthesia and do not require any type of preparation. Hemorrhoids can cause many different symptoms such as bleeding, pain, discomfort, protrusion. Now these symptoms can be caused by other, more serious conditions. So it's very important that if you are experiencing any discomfort and you think it's hemorrhoids, go see a specialist to be sure.

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