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HPV is one of many sexually transmitted diseases that can involve the rectum and the anus. One of the most common is the human papillomavirus. Symptoms can include bleeding, itching, and occasionally people can feel small growths around the anus.

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There are 15 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases per year, and here at CRSSNY we're seeing an increase in those involving the rectum and anus. There are many infections that we see. Some may be related to bacterial infections which can be easily treated with antibiotics. Some may be viral infections, the most common being the human papillomavirus. Commonly referred to as anal warts, the condyloma acuminata, related to the HPV virus is something that we frequently see. The symptoms of HPV can be bleeding, itching or sometimes people feel small growths noted around the anus. Once these symptoms occur, it's very important to get checked by a specialist like what we have here at CRSSNY. The concern may be that the situation left untreated can progress to a serious situation and ultimately can become cancerous. In some cases, HPV can be treated successfully with topical medications. Frequently a minor surgical procedure will be undertaken to fix the problem. We understand that the situation is of a sensitive nature and we can assure you that privacy and your dignity is maintained throughout the entire process. Once you're successfully treated, close follow-up is of utmost importance. Here at CRSSNY, our mission is to make you feel better, not embarrassed.

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