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A stoma is a surgical incision through which the intestines are brought to the abdominal wall to resolve many conditions involving the intestines. Stomas can be temporary or permanent, and are often performed prior to another procedure. CRSSNY surgeons are experts in determining the need for stomas as well as using minimally invasive procedures to create them.

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An ostomy or stoma is a surgical incision through which intestines are brought up to the abdominal wall. If the colon is brought up to the skin it's called a colostomy. If the small intestines are brought up to the skin, it's typically called an ileostomy or a jejunostomy. Ostomies or stomas can be temporary or permanent. Frequently, a surgeon may need to perform a temporary stoma or ostomy in cases where preparation wasn't able to be performed prior to surgery or healing needs to be undertaken or for an inflammatory condition that needs to resolve. A permanent colostomy maybe performed for situations such as rectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, where intestinal continuity is disrupted either by the disease process or with surgery. After the stoma or ostomy is created, instructions needs to be undertaken on how to deal with it. With our program here at CRSSNY which includes enterostomal nurses, nurse navigators, and support groups, this will enable you to go back to your normal life.

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