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Fistula surgery is performed at CRSSNY when a patient has been diagnosed with fistula and other treatments have not worked. We use the latest technology and surgical techniques in the treatment of fistula. We have very high success rates.

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If you've been diagnosed with an anal fistula we recommend you come see us here at CRSSNY. There are multiple treatment options for patients with anal fistula and it is very important that you have the proper treatment performed for the proper fistula. There are multiple classifications and multiple sizes of these fistulas. In evaluating your anal fistula prior to surgery we use special ultrasound to determine the classification, length and size of the fistula. So the treatment of an anal fistula is very complex. The challenge is to preserve continence while curing the fistula. And here at CRSSNY we use the latest technology in order to do that. A primary fistulotomy is where the fistula is simply opened up surgically. If there is minimal sphincter muscle involved this surgery can be employed. However many fistulas traverse a larger portion of the anal sphincter and fistulotomy is contraindicated. We use the latest technology such as fiber and glue, anal fistula plugs, the lift procedure, and in some cases flap surgery where the rectal lining is actually advanced over the opening of the fistula. Here we have very high success rates with minimal complications in treating anal fistulas.

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