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Rectal cancer is a tumor growth in the final 15 centimeters of the large bowel. We perform a sophisticated ultrasound to determine the stage that the cancer has reached. Treatment typically involves a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to remove the growth.

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Rectal cancer is a malignant growth of the last 15 centimeters of the large bowel. Although it is a continuation of the colon, as colon and rectal surgeons and for treatment purposes, we separate the rectum from the colon because the treatment options are slightly different at times. We would hope that we would discover this, if at all, on an early stage, but staging rectal cancer is one of the most important things in the treatment plan. Constipation or change in bowel habits because the growth is actually inhibiting the movement of the bowels, also bleeding is another common symptom, and finally pain and discomfort in the pelvis is also another symptom of rectal cancer. Here we perform a very sophisticated ultrasound to determine the stage of the rectal cancer, and then based upon that stage we sit down with you and discuss the different options that might be available for the treatment of your specific rectal cancer. Treatment options include pre-operative chemotherapy and radiation, followed by surgery, or we can simply perform a trans-anal excision where we actually remove the tumor through the anus where no chemotherapy and radiation is involved. This is all dependent on the stage, and rectal cancer is certainly treated differently than colon cancer for these reasons. One other unfortunate reality of rectal cancer is that when the rectal cancer is so low in the rectum, many times unfortunately patients require a permanent colostomy in order to cure them of the rectal cancer. Here at CRSSNY we are committed to using the most advanced technology and our expertise to prevent you from having a permanent colostomy. So anyone having the symptoms of constipation, bleeding, or pain should see us for a thorough evaluation.

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