Anal Pain- What causes it?
January 15, 2015

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Anal pain is a very common problem we see at CRSSNY. Frequently  patients will attribute the pain to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be one of the more common reasons for anal pain. Specifically the most common reason for hemorrhoidal pain is a thrombosis of the external hemorrhoid, which often appears as a sudden swelling/lump along the outside of the anus. It usually is hard and tender to the touch.


Another cause for pain is an abscess which develops around the anus, and may be  severe and constant. It commonly develops from an infection of the anal glands. The swelling and pain progressively worsens, and the treatment in most cases is drainage of the abscess which can provide immediate relief.

Anal Fissure

Another anal pain that we commonly see and and treat at CRSSNY is an anal fissure. A fissure is likened to a tear of the anal lining that can result in pain and sometimes bleeding associated with bowel movements.

Your Evaluation

These are the more common reasons for anal pain. There are other reasons for anal pain but for those described above and less common causes they all require proper evaluation and treatment that is targeted to its unique cause.


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