Customizing for Comfort: Colonoscopy Prep
January 31, 2015

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At Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York, we understand that most people dread the thought of undergoing a colonoscopy, despite the fact that the diagnostic procedure has the potential to save their lives. This is why we use the latest technology and techniques to make colonoscopies as comfortable and non-intimidating as possible. Regular colonoscopies are necessary to maintaining good health as well as the early detection and timely treatment of pre-cancerous and cancerous tissues. We want patients to view colonoscopies not as something to dread, but as part of their routines – certainly not something to look forward to, but no more painful than any other basic medical exam.

One of the reasons that so many people dread colonoscopies is that the preparation stage is generally so unpleasant. The cleaning out of the colon traditionally requires frequent visits to the bathroom, painful cramping, the ingestion of a foul-tasting liquid, and other less-than-savory experiences.

While there is no way to make colonoscopy prep an entirely joyful experience, our physicians are able to customize prep plans to make them as comfortable as possible for each individual patient. During consultations at our practice in Long Island, colonoscopy prep is discussed in detail so that our physicians are able to provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of the patient; the custom plan is then laid out in exact detail so that it can be followed to the letter prior to the colonoscopy. This will help to ensure that the colonoscopy is a success.

What does colonoscopy prep entail?

As stated above, your colonoscopy prep plan will be created specifically for you and will be based on your needs. However, the goal of all colonoscopy prep plans is precisely the same: to flush all waste material out of your colon. In order to perform a colonoscopy, our physicians must have a completely clear view of your large intestine and your colon.

Whatever else your custom plan comprises, there are certain elements of colonoscopy prep that you should expect to experience, including:

  • You will not be able to consume solid foods for 24 hours before the procedure.
  • You will be able to consume only clear fluids for 24 hours before the procedure, including water, clear broths, teas, and ice pops and gelatins that are not red or purple. We may recommend Gatorade, which has proven effective in helping to flush the colon while helping the body to remain properly hydrated.
  • You will have to take an agent to promote the cleansing of your colon. While this used to mean that you had to consume approximately a gallon of a liquid solution – which remains an option – there are many other options (that require much less to drink!) that we can employ, if desired. These methods can be discussed during your consultation.

Learn More about Colonoscopy Prep

Ultimately, while colonoscopy prep may not be the most pleasant experience, we will work to make it as comfortable as possible and – please remember this above all else – it is an essential part of a procedure that very well could save your life. To learn more about colonoscopy prep, please contact Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York today.