Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery: Advanced, Effective Treatment

An elderly lady wearing a pastel shirt.Laparoscopic surgery is precise, results in less patient discomfort than traditional surgeries, and requires minimal healing time. Several minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques are used at Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York for the treatment of colon and rectal conditions. Our colorectal surgeons have the experience and expertise necessary to use this technology to safely and thoroughly address your needs. To learn more about types of minimally invasive surgery we offer, including laparoscopic and robotic colorectal surgery, contact our Long Island practice today.

Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the most widely used minimally invasive surgical techniques. An example of laparoscopic colorectal surgery is a colon resection. Our surgeons use a laparoscope which is inserted through tiny incisions, to see your organs up close during surgery. Once our surgeons have accessed your colon, they will carefully remove the damaged or diseased tissue and reconnect the healthy tissue. Once your colon has been rejoined, your incisions are carefully closed to minimize visible scarring. A typical hospital stay is only a few days.

The benefits of laparoscopic surgery include:

  • Minimized postoperative discomfort
  • Minimized scarring
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • A faster return to normal activity
  • A faster return to a solid food diet
  • A faster return to normal bowel function

Robotic-assisted Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery is a highly specialized method of minimally invasive colorectal surgery. During this type of surgery, one of our colorectal surgeons uses a da Vinci Xi robotic system to perform the operation. The robotic system is much more precise than the human hand, allowing our doctors to perform each step of surgery with unparalleled accuracy. Your surgeon will watch a high-definition screen that displays a magnified view of your abdomen. This allows our doctors to gently manipulate targeted tissue without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. Other advantages of this technique include:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Decreased post-operative discomfort
  • Increased visibility for the surgeon
  • A shorter recovery
  • A faster return to normal activity

Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM)

Used to treat conditions of the middle and upper rectum, Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery requires no abdominal incisions. Instead, our surgeons insert a proctoscope (a special kind of endoscope) within the anus, which is slowly moved to areas of concern within the rectum. A small camera attached to the proctoscope provides our surgeons an up-close view of the surgical site.

Once the proctoscope has reached an area of concern, our surgeons use long, thin tools to remove any lesions, tumors, or rectal cancers. TEM works best for patients with tissues too large for removal through a colonoscopy, but small enough to be removed without abdominal surgery. 

The benefits of TEM include:

  • No scarring
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Minimized post-operative pain
  • Fast recovery
  • Same day Surgery

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During all of the surgical treatments we provide, we can offer sedation options to our patients to maintain comfort. To learn more about minimally invasive colorectal surgery, contact us today. We will perform an in-depth examination to determine the best course of treatment for you. When appropriate, we will recommend less invasive solutions before resorting to surgery.

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