When Is an Anoscopy Performed?
April 30, 2017


Our Long Island colorectal surgery specialists believe that advanced technology and the latest diagnostic tools are a crucial part of proper treatment. Advanced testing techniques will help us determine the proper treatments to consider, and help enhance patient wellness in the process.

An anoscopy is a type of test that can prove essential in diagnosis and treatment of various health problems. Let’s take a moment to consider why an anoscopy is performed and how it’s performed.

What Is an Anoscopy?

An anoscopy is one of many tests that can be performed in order to examine a person’s anus. The procedure involves the use of a small lighted tube that’s inserted into the anus, which provides colon an rectal specialists with a detailed look at tissues that help diagnose various problems or concerns.

Common Reasons to Perform an Anoscopy

The most common reasons why an anoscopy are performed typically involve persistent feelings of pain and discomfort of the anus. Patients may notice blood in their bowel movements, burning or irritation when passing stools, discomfort when sitting or moving their bowels, and so forth. All of these are reasons to have an anoscopy exam performed.

Conditions That an Anoscopy Can Help Diagnose and Uncover

An anoscopy can diagnose the following conditions that affect the anus, colon, and rectum:

  • Abscesses – An abscess is a pus-filled sore that might be the result of an anal fissure, a sexually transmitted disease, an infection, or some other problem.
  • Anal Fissures – An anal fissure is a tear in a person’s anus that’s often the result of constipation, diarrhea, or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
  • Anal Cancer – Colon and rectum cancers are more common than anal cancer, though it’s still possible for this condition to develop, which is why screenings are so important.
  • Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids refer to swollen veins around the anus and rectum that can cause bleeding as well as severe discomfort.
  • Polyps – Polyps are small growths that are often harmless though may be cancerous in certain situations. Screenings can help prevent the spread of cancer.

Preparing for Anoscopy

If you are going to have an anoscopy performed, you will be asked to prepare for the procedure ahead of time for the most accurate results of the test. This means emptying your bladder and your bowels before the procedure. An enema may be needed in some cases.

Since only the anus is examined during the procedure, a full cleanse the day before is not necessary. Anesthetic or sedation is not necessary during these kinds of exams.

What to Expect During an Anoscopy

During the anoscopy, patients are asked to lay on their side. The doctor will then gently insert the scope into the patient’s anus. Light will be shines through this scope, allowing the doctor a detailed view of the tissues in the anus. Additional tests may be performed if the doctor notices issues during the anoscopy.

Learn More About Anoscopy

To learn more about anoscopy and other tests that can help address your overall health and wellness, be sure to contact our team of colon and rectal surgery specialists. We will work with you to improve your wellness and address your many health concerns.