Treatment for Women's Pelvic Floor Disorder (PFD) and Other Colorectal Conditions

Women's Rectal Prolapse Treatment 

Prolapse is a common condition in which one or more organs move from its normal position and may protrude out of the body or cause pain or pressure within the affected area. Women are most often affected by prolapse after childbirth, and may experience rectal and vaginal prolapse at the same time. Surgical treatment may be performed to correct prolapse and restore the organs back to their normal position, although some patients can be treated through nonsurgical methods such as pelvic floor therapies.

Rectal prolapse surgery may be performed through the anus or the abdomen, and can be performed by laparoscopic and robotic means, depending on each patient's individual condition. We most often utilize a laparoscopic and robotic approach that involves small incisions in the pelvic area to correct all types of prolapse. These procedures typically require a short hospital stay.

CRSSNY works in conjunction with an experienced uro-gynecologist for the treatment of prolapse in women. These doctors specialize in the unique needs of women for a wide range of conditions. With extensive knowledge and experience in prolapse surgery, patients receive an exceptional quality of care from this combined treatment approach.

Fecal Incontinence

Accidental bowel leakage, also known as fecal incontinence is a common disorder. The physicians at CRSSNY are experts in treating this disorder. After a thorough evaluation a personally tailored treatment plan will be developed.

Treatment options include:

  1. Biofeedback Therapy – a specialized physical therapy targeting the muscles of the pelvic floor to improve function
  2. Solesta – A medication, proven to improve continence which can be applied in a single office visit without the need for anesthesia or bowel preparation
  3. Interstim – A small device, surgically implanted which improves bowel and bladder control

If necessary, there are a number of surgical options to help achieve optimal bowel control.

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