Sclerotherapy Injections for Hemorrhoids: Common Questions
December 30, 2014

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At Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York, we provide patients with ample information about any medical care that they need to undergo. This is what makes us on of the most trusted medical centers for colorectal surgery in the Long Island area. This is particularly helpful for patients suffering from hemorrhoids, and we offer numerous treatments for hemorrhoids that relieve pain and discomfort quickly and effectively.

We’ve previously looked at sclerotherapy as a treatment for hemorrhoids on this blog, but we’d like to revisit the issue by answering some common questions we’ve received from patients about this treatment option.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are blood vessels in the anus that help with stool control. They are a kind of cushion that are important for proper bowel function. When the hemorrhoids become inflamed, they swell and can be very uncomfortable. Generally the term “hemorrhoids” is known for this painful condition rather than just the blood vessels per se.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment that helps shrink blood vessels in the body. The treatment is well known in cosmetic surgery practices as a way of treating spider veins.

Why is sclerotherapy a good treatment option for hemorrhoids?

Given the nature of the injections, sclerotherapy has also proven quite effective as a minimally invasive treatment for hemorrhoids. Rather than resorting to surgery outright, a medical specialist can use a minimally invasive therapy to address the painful condition.

What can I expect during sclerotherapy treatment?

During the sclerotherapy treatment, the doctor will inject the sclerosant into the area around the hemorrhoids. Multiple hemorrhoids can be treated at once. Patients should notice shrinking of the hemorrhoids and significant reduction in discomfort within a day or so.

How effective is sclerotherapy at treating hemorrhoids?

Sclerotherapy is quite effective at treating first-degree and second-degree hemorrhoids and is often a go-to treatment for the condition since it is minimally invasive and does not require a significant recovery period.

Is sclerotherapy covered by health insurance?

Yes. In many cases, sclerotherapy is covered by insurance plans to treat hemorrhoids. Since insurance policies vary, it’s important to check directly with your insurance provider.

Is sclerotherapy eligible for flexible spending account (FSA) reimbursement?

In many cases, sclerotherapy may be eligible for FSA reimbursement when used to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid creams and medications are similarly covered by FSAs. As with insurance policies, we encourage you to check directly with your FSA provider for more information.

Are there alternatives to sclerotherapy for treating hemorrhoids?

Yes. If patients do not respond well to non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids, there are other options to consider. Alternatives to sclerotherapy include infrared coagulation (IRC), hemorrhoidal ligation, and, hemorrhoidectomy, the last of which tends to be used only when other treatments prove ineffective. We will discuss all options for care in greater detail during your visit to the practice.

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