CRSSNY About the Practice



Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York has served the communities of Long Island and Queens since 2002. We now have several practice locations and multiple board-certified specialists that are all recognized as leaders in the field of colorectal surgery. Patients travel from all over the country to consult with our experts and receive life-changing care.

Dr. Pappas: The practice was founded in 2002, and it is comprised of board-certified colorectal surgeons. Over the years we have grown to now where we have six colorectal surgeons as well as a physician’s assistant. And we have offices located throughout Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County. We’re able to service the entire area of Long Island as well as Queens. We do have patients that come from all over the country to be treated here at CRSSNY and we’re very proud of that. Dr. Caliendo: In collaboration with Mount Sinai, we have developed a center of excellence at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital, where we use the robotic system and protocols that will decrease your length of stay and get you back to your routine daily life as soon as possible . Dr. Pappas: CRSSNY stays at the forefront of surgical intervention. One, through our affiliation with Mount Sinai, as well as the fact we are a training center for other surgeons, and this allows us to stay up to date with the latest technologies, with the latest research, and we’re able to provide state-of-the-art care to our patients. Dr. Caliendo: Here at CRSSNY we have physicians who are extremely qualified and experienced with treating anorectal diseases. Dr. Pappas: Making the decision to see a colorectal surgeon is not easy. These problems are often somewhat embarrassing. It’s not something that people often like to talk about at cocktail parties. But when you see one of the surgeons at CRSSNY, you will be treated with dignity. Your privacy will be respected. And when you leave, you’re going to think, “It wasn’t that bad.”