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Fungal Infections and Their Link to Pain and Discomfort

By Dean Pappas M.D. on February 29, 2016

A woman experiencing discomfortHere at Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York, we always strive to help patients achieve total wellness. No matter what the condition may be or the related symptoms, our specialists based here in Long Island will offer solutions that are highly effective.

During a consultation, we can discuss various types of anal pain and their causes as well as ideal treatments. Right now, we'd like to discuss fungal infections that affect the rectum and anus and what can be done for treatment.

About Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are essentially infections caused by fungi or the spores of fungi. Fungi are primitive types of organisms. Mushrooms, mildew, and mold are all different types of fungi. The fungi reproduce by casting spores into the air. When the spores come into contact with the skin, they can cause infections. In a number of cases, people with weakened immune systems or who are on antibiotics are more prone to fungal infections.

Two common types of fungal infections are athlete's foot and yeast infections. Fungal infections can even affect the lungs is a person inhales spores. Fungi can also result in infections of the anus.

Why Fungal Infections May Affect the Anus

Fungi thrive in warm, damp places, particularly if there is exposed or broken skin in that area. If you have an itchy anus or rectum caused by hemorrhoids or other conditions, the chances of a fungal infection increase.

Is Pain Common in Such Cases?

Typically pain is not too serious from fungal infections unless it is a severe fungal infection that goes untreated. Many patients who experience a fungal infection of the anus or rectum note irritation and itchiness as well as discomfort.

When a fungal infection is untreated, it can lead to more exposed skin around the anus. Bleeding and burning sensations are not uncommon in serious cases of anal itching related to fungal infections.

Treatment Options for Fungal Infections of the Anus

Thankfully most fungal infections can be treated using non-invasive or minimally invasive

with proper hygienic practices and over-the-counter medications. This will help get the fungal infection under control and also relieve itchiness and offer management of pain.

The most common treatment for a fungal infection of the anus is the use of antifungal medications. This will help wipe out the fungi or spores that caused the infection. Major treatment for fungal infections of the rectum or anus may require surgery, though this is only considered in serious cases and if less invasive therapies prove ineffective.

Tips for Preventing Fungal Infections

To prevent fungal infections and itchiness of the anus, consider the following tips:

  • Bathe every day and ensure you lather and rinse thoroughly
  • Be sure to shower and clean thoroughly after exercise
  • Dry off thoroughly and gently after baths or showers
  • Avoid soaps and toilet tissue that contain perfumes
  • Use soft toilet tissue to wipe after moving your bowels

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For more information about treating different kinds of conditions related to anal pain or irritation, be sure to contact our team of colorectal surgery specialists today. The team at Colon & Rectal Surgical Specialists of New York will provide expert care, helping address symptoms and restore wellness no mater what condition you may be experiencing.

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